Joe Gosman Band Bio


People are cleaning up their grills and inviting friends and family over. Kids are riding bikes to the creeks and building castles in their neighborhoods. Summer and fireworks are in the air. School is almost out, and so are the bathing suits. Life is all around us. It is in everything. We are all connected. We are not creatures of solitude but of community. The Joe Gosman Band is about bringing the community together.

Whether it is on a familiar street, a city festival, or at a local pub, the Joe Gosman Band can be found as a catalyst for great times. You can find them singing original songs that reflect on life in the flavor of rock and roll. Their music has been compared to that of: Matchbox 20, Bob Seger, INXS, and O.A.R.

The Joe Gosman Band consists of: Joe Gosman, Joel Adkins, Keith Darrow, John Ashley Jr., and Dean Howard. Just 5 normal guys and when combined together with the community, they create a positive synergy, a powerful, moving synergy. Their combined effort is greater than the sum of all the parts. You belong to this community and help make it all happen!

Joe Gosman


Searching and Exploring in hopes of creating the perfect melody, Joe Gosman has become a song-writer that settles for nothing less than melodic phrases that echo in the mind, body, and soul of the listener.

Melodies are always floating in the air. It is the songwriter who learns to catch them and then yield them to portray pictures, stories, and ideas. Joe Gosman is a song-writer that strives to find these melodies and join them with the right words like threads on a quilt.

Joe’s traverse as a musician began in his Aunt’s project studio where he said, “I’d like to learn how to play guitar.” Despite having just undergone back surgery she sat out with him and taught him as much as he could take in for the next four hours. Six months later, he knew how to read music, play about 20 covers songs, and had written 4-5 songs of his own.

Flash forward to today. Joe is currently writing, performing, and recording with the band. He looks forward to every upcoming show and he values every person that he meets wherever he is at.

Joe also works at Greenbrier Middle School in Chesapeake and also teaches guitar lessons on the side. He enjoys passing on his passion for the guitar and songwriting to others.

Every day is a gift not to be taken for granted. Every challenge is an opportunity to learn something about yourself. Everyone life is worth living. Follow your dreams. Follow your heart. Love the ones beside you. Even still, love those that aren’t.

Joel Adkins


Joel Adkins grew up in Chesapeake, Virginia and began playing music with the Joe Gosman in early 2007 after a chance meeting where the two agreed to play at a local coffee shop. After that Joel began to play percussion for the band on Djembe, an African drum, and he has continued to play this instrument even now that there is a full band. He also plays rhythm guitar for the band and switches between songs. Joel would like to thank his family for all their support, all the guys in the band for hanging in there in the hard times, and would like to thank his friends. In specific Dan Perez and Jacob McCleese, for all the help they have been in the past few months. And to thank everyone that has been there for him through the good times and hard times, to them he commits his work on this album.

Keith Darrow


Keith is a native of the Hampton Roads area and has been playing with Joe since early 2008. He was classically trained in the ways of the piano from a young padawan’s age until he graduated Great Bridge High School. While earning an engineering degree at ODU, Keith continued to play and learn different styles, even new instrument. He picked up a harmonica in 2006 after watching (over and over again) the late 70’s comedic stylings of Belushi and Aykroyd and after dressing up as a Blues Brother a few too many times. Keith has many influences with both instruments that include old rock, classical, swing, blues, and even pop.

When not playing or helping write new songs, you can find him playing soccer or lacrosse, reading, playing video games, wishing he could as a cool as Bruce Campbell, straightening slinkies, enjoying beautiful weather and being outside, discovering new civilizations, fighting space aliens, driving through malls in his Bluesmobile, crime fighting, training ninjas, wearing one of his 600 suits, spelunking, repairing the morphing grid, searching for the question to life, the universe and everything, improving his century old home, making up new languages, climbing lighthouses, sampling fine stogies, spending time with friends and just having a groovy time. After hanging out with mutual friends and seeing Joe perform, Keith decided to join Joe in sweet, passionate music making and complete musical domination. The rest, as they say, is mad dogs, Englishmen, and serenity.

Dean Howard


Though the product of a military background, Dean Howard has spent the majority of his life in the Chesapeake/Virginia Beach area. Dean’s first instrument was a clarinet in the Salem Elementary School Orchestra, but he quickly decided that the clarinet was not for him. Still, it wasn’t until high school that Dean began playing guitar seriously. Though mostly self-taught, Dean did take classical guitar lessons throughout college, eventually becoming a member of the Classical Guitar Ensemble group. Dean graduated in the year 2000 from the College of William and Mary with a Bachelors degree in Biology, and became married in 2002. Since that time, Dean has added electric guitar and bass to his repertoire and even has a passing ability with the Appalachian mountain dulcimer.

Dean has played in a couple of bands, including the group Soul Intent, changing instruments depending on the need. He has also served as the leader of the Great Bridge United Methodist Church Praise Band, where he assisted in music selection, service design, and in leading weekly worship services. Dean first met Keith Darrow shortly after graduation from college, and they quickly bonded over shared interests such as music, cult classic movies, and collector’s items. When Keith asked Dean to join the Joe Gosman band, he quickly accepted the offer. There he plucks the bass guitar and inserts intelligent humor.

John Ashley Jr.


John Ashley Jr. and Joe have been jamming together since 2004. Not until roughly 2007 did he actually come on full time with the band. Since then he has also taken up Mxied Martial Arts and trains and competes locally and regionally. He serves the Community as an EMT and a volunteer Fire Fighter. On any given day John can save a life, knock someone out, and then rock the house with his powerful drumming style.

Chandler Nunnally


Chandler met Joe through his family in late 2008, and after talking a few times, Joe felt the power of The Force within him. Chandler attended a couple of practices, and studied the work of Master John Ashley. Eventually, Joe asked for his help on drums with occasional shows, due to John's demanding civil duty. Chandler has since filled in whenever needed. He has also taken over percussive duties at all acoustic shows, specializing in a Brazilian box drum, called the Cajon, and the Congas.

In his high school orchestra, Chandler is the 1st chair Cellist and Drummer/lead percussionist. By blending elements from many genres of music, he hopes to create a unique and powerful style of drumming. He also enjoys teaching himself the Guitar, Bass, and Keys.

Besides music, Chandler devotes much time to his work as a Jedi Knight, meditating to increase his understanding of the force and training to defeat the power of the evil Sith.